Overview of Cannabinoid receptors

Stephen Holt May 30, 2019

Things you always wanted to know about cannabinoid receptors

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is made up of cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids (also called endogenous cannabinoids), and the enzymes that make and break down endocannabinoids. Since the word “cannabinoid receptors” may seem close to the word “cannabis”, one may think that it perha . . .

What do you mean by entourage effect?

Stephen Holt May 23, 2019

Overview of cannabinoid entourage effects

Both hemp and marijuana belong to the Cannabis Sativa L. species. Plants of this species come with several hundred chemical compounds (such as terpenoids, cannabinoids, and more) that are different from each other. These compounds interact with the human body and mind to different degrees. Over the years, the two ca . . .

Things to consider when growing cannabis

Stephen Holt May 16, 2019

Cannabis cultivation – Key steps to remember


For one who’s planning cannabis cultivation for the first time, growing it indoor may seem to be too costly. On the other hand, a small outdoor garden can yield quality cannabis without big monetary investment. For those looking to learn about the steps of growing cannabis outdoors, here’re the ma . . .

Key differences between hemp and cannabinoids

Stephen Holt May 9, 2019

Apprehending hemp and cannabinoids to be same? They aren’t

The debate around hemp and cannabinoids is fueled by the misinformation that surrounds the plant cannabis. Because of this, these two terms are used interchangeably often and has created difficulties when it comes to understanding the usage of them, in general.

Here are some important differenc . . .

Cannabis impact on work performance

Stephen Holt May 2, 2019

Marijuana impact on brain – Key things explored

Cannabis is certainly one of the most popular drugs across the globe and it’s steadily gaining support for legalization for both recreational and medicinal purposes. But the bigger question to ponder upon is - how does marijuana impact the brain? Some studies performed on the cannabis impact on work perfor . . .

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