Cannabis death – Things to know about

Stephen Holt April 18, 2019

Cannabis death – Things to know about

Medical experts are quite skeptical about cannabis deaths, though two New Jersey parents believe it to be the reason of their son’s death. Though there’s no documented death related to cannabis yet, the harmfulness of using the drug cannot be denied. Since many cannabis users beli . . .

Things everyone should know about synthetic cannabinoids

Stephen Holt April 10, 2019

What is synthetic cannabinoid – Truths you wanted to know always

Synthetic cannabinoids go under different names like Spice, K2 etc and are almost readily available for someone to purchase. When someone is being asked something like what is synthetic cannabinoid, his or her answer will most likely confuse it with cannabis. In reality, these substances are . . .

Function of cardia

Stephen Holt April 4, 2019

What is cardia – Thoroughly explained

The stomach is a crucial part of the digestion system and essential for the body’s nutrient supply. Some people often use the word stomach when referring to the area between the pelvic area and the chest. In reality, this area is called the abdomen. Similarly, when some people are being asked what is cardia, they of . . .

Ways to trigger positive effects on motor tasks

Stephen Holt March 28, 2019

Motor tasks – Things that leave positive effects on it

Motor tasks in humans are the skills that involve large muscles of the body like arms, legs, trunk, head etc for various activities like running, jumping, skipping etc. Though parents strive to do their best in doing things that can leave positive effects on motor tasks of their kids, they don’t suc . . .

Things to consider before trying herbal cannabis

Stephen Holt March 20, 2019

Herbal marijuana – Things everyone has to know

Though scientists are still working to pinpoint how herbal cannabis works and affects human brains and bodies, lots of people consume it on a regular basis as self-medication. People often consider the female plant’s dry leaves as herbal cannabis, but the flowering parts are also used in the development pro . . .

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