Is Cannabis Neurotoxic?

Stephen Holt October 3, 2018

The positive and negative effects of cannabis to our brain

Cannabis has chemical components that greatly affect the brain. There is negative press going around of the effects of marijuana use to a person’s cognitive ability. However, the study on medical marijuana is growing as well. One . . .

Dwindling Tolerance of Cannabis Use in Holland

Stephen Holt September 27, 2018

Netherlands’ changing weed policies

Many think that it is legal to smoke cannabis in the Netherlands or, what many call, Holland. This is because the government has a gedoogbeleid or tolerance policy that allows smokers to carry a certain amount of the substance without being prosecuted. However many still get confused with this policy. Police of . . .

It’s Time to Catalyze Cannabis Teaching Resources

Stephen Holt September 20, 2018

Lacking cannabis education resources for doctors

While an increasing number of people are fighting the stigma against marijuana use not only in the United States but all over the world, there are still a lot of aspects surrounding cannabis consumption that need to be addressed. Although open to its use, many people still need proper education on the substan . . .

The Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Stephen Holt August 30, 2018

Does marijuana have any medical benefits for consumers? Be surprised

At present, marijuana use is legal in 29 states. Aside from recreational purposes, some consume the substance for medicinal reasons. The latter practice isn’t new at all; the medical benefits of c . . .

Cannabis Responsibility: What Users Need to Know

Stephen Holt August 16, 2018

Helpful ways to use cannabis responsibly

With the increased accessibility of cannabis due to its medical and recreational legalization in 30 states, the risk for abuse rises relatively. Many institutions are developing guidelines for cannabis use in a responsible manner, but despite their efforts, cannabis still remains the most widely abused illicit drug o . . .

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