Cannabis Responsibility: What Users Need to Know

Stephen Holt August 16, 2018

Helpful ways to use cannabis responsibly

With the increased accessibility of cannabis due to its medical and recreational legalization in 30 states, the risk for abuse rises relatively. Many institutions are developing guidelines for cannabis use in a responsible manner, but despite their efforts, cannabis still remains the most widely abused illicit drug o . . .

High on Drugs: The Variable Outcome

Stephen Holt August 8, 2018

High on Drugs: The Variable Outcome

Cannabis is one of the most debated drugs in the world. Some say that cannabis has its own medical advantages while others would argue that it doesn’t, yet the fact still remains that cannabis is popular especially to young adult. Some say that cannabis has its own medical advantages while others would . . .

How Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Change the Sleeping World of Cannabis

Stephen Holt August 1, 2018

The Father of Cannabis Research studies the effects of various marijuana components

In 1964, a nervous researcher boarded a . . .

Chewing or Smoking: Popular Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Stephen Holt July 25, 2018

Edible high vs. smoking high—which do you prefer?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 147 million people engage in cannabis consumption (or 2.5 percent of the global population). Just as there are many who take the drug, there are various products derived from it. They are often categorized into three: flowers, concentrates, and infus . . .

5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Intake

Stephen Holt July 19, 2018

Surprising healthy effects of marijuana intake

Canada and Uruguay have completely legalized the intake or use of cannabis in their country. In the United States, 9 states and Washington, DC, have recently legalized the use of medical marijuana, in addition to other 29 states. However, anti-drug activists vehemently oppose in legalizing cannabis in the count . . .

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