The Use of Cannabis

Stephen Holt May 23, 2018

Common reasons of the recreational and medical use of cannabis

Common reasons for cannabis use:

  • for recreational purposes to achieve a “high”
  • self-medication of pain, insomnia, and stress with cannabis
  • psychological relief and distraction from disease symptoms (e.g., improved tolerability of pain)

Department of Justice Enforcing Priorities

Stephen Holt May 16, 2018

Department of Justice Enforcement on Marijuana


The Department of Justice in recent years has focused its efforts on certain enforcement priorities that are particularly important to the federal government:


  • Preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors;
  • Preventing revenue from the sale of mar . . .

The Mounting Support for the Use of Cannabis

Stephen Holt May 9, 2018

Various Reasons Trailing Mankind’s Addiction to Cannabis

The Cannabis Revolution has mounting support among the general public. For example, the Pew Research Center undertook a survey (March 2013) of the public support for medical cannabis legalization. This survey indicated that 52 percent of the public favored cannabis legalization vers . . .

A Cannabis Wonder

Stephen Holt May 2, 2018

Positive approach to cannabis


Cannabis use is a divisive issue in modern society where arguments continue to prevail concerning the potential outcome of its legalization. This book does not ignore this modern contention, but it is written to provide a general knowledge about cannabis science that is portable and understandable by cannabis users an . . .

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