The Cannabis Revolution

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Anna Call, Foreword Reviews

“This is a balanced review of the known medical effects of and uses for a plant whose legal situation is in flux . . . The Cannabis Revolution will be a good resource for medical professionals who lack other definitive marijuana guides.”

Kirkus Reviews

The Cannabis Revolution is a thorough and timely overview of the medical, social and political aspects of cannabis use. Designed to guide healthcare professionals and those seeking alternative medical treatments, the author highlights the evolving use of cannabis as it moves toward legalization, and seeks to dispel historical misconceptions about its use. . . . Although the book is written with healthcare professionals in mind, The Cannabis Revolution will inform anyone looking for a serious discussion of the benefits and risks of cannabis use, with an emphasis on its potential medical benefits.”

John Salerno, DO, Salerno Center

“With eloquence and care, Stephen Holt, MD, explores the current and future outcome of the increasing use of cannabis…. This book does not hesitate to present issues in a direct manner and incorporate thoughtful opinions that may precipitate debate. That said, the books is logical in the way it reviews scientific, political, and sociobehavioral issues that result from the expanding use of cannabis.”

The Cannabis Revolution: What You Need to Know

About the Book

The Cannabis Revolution is a well-balanced treatise on the pros and cons of medical marijuana. Although originally intended for health advocates who wish to be certified cannabis counselors, the book has become an excellent resource material for anyone in the medical field.

The book follows the scientific method of inquiry and suspends all judgment and bias in evaluating the probable benefits and disadvantages of the said plant. The book contains deliberate verbatim quotes to avoid confusion of information about cannabis.

Details on how cannabis can help improve health conditions and supplement the treatment of various lifestyle diseases are found in the book. At the same time, the potential harms are also exposed.

About the Author

A medical practitioner in New York, Dr. Stephen Holt has made major contributions to the medical field. He is the founder of the Holt Institute of Medicine and a pioneer of integrative medicine.

He has published hundreds of peer-evaluated papers and abstracts, and he is the author of more than 20 books in national and international distribution.

The Cannabis Revolution: What You Need to Know


The Evolving Use of Cannabis

The increasing availability and support for the use of cannabis present important issues of medical, economic, social, legal, and political significance. . . . Many people argue that the corporate culture of the cannabis industry will have to change, and consolidation appears to be inevitable. Decisions to legalize or prohibit cannabis (marijuana) use in the United States have triggered endless debates. These arguments are becoming somewhat futile as the United States further evolves with the inevitable legalization and decriminalization of marijuana use. At the time of writing, there has been legalization of cannabis for recreational use in many States.. This expanded use of marijuana has emerged with an increasing recognition of the medical benefits of cannabis. These benefits are hard to dismiss and impossible to deny.

The absence of consensus opinions on precise indications for the medical applications of cannabis may lead to different future legislation and regulations in some states. At present, there is room for the potential clash of state legislation and federal government policy. Regulatory agencies run by the federal government have found themselves between a rock and a hard place. However, signs are developing that the federal government is backing off or acting like a crocodile with no teeth. A solution to these pending problems would be widespread acceptance of revised federal legislation that could be defined for cannabis legalization. However, this potential approach has been the subject of much disagreement, and it is unlikely to occur. Recently, President Trump’s administration has taken steps to place more control over cannabis sales through the Federal government.

The former widespread prohibition of cannabis (marijuana) use as a result of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act has led to an unfortunate lack of scientific studies on the biological actions of the many components of the cannabis plant and their effects on health and well-being. Up until about a decade ago, 90 percent of all cannabis research focused on the negative outcome of cannabis use. Furthermore, a significant number of people have accused regulatory officials of standing in the way of cannabis research, even in recent times. There are some anticipated needs for change in the ever-evolving regulations concerning marijuana use. Political and legal systems will be challenged by some of these changes. Arguably, politicians should not be making unaided medical decisions about indications for cannabis use. That said, widespread concerns exist about the current lack of knowledge about cannabis science among health care professionals. This situation is compounded by shameful inertia in the planning of medical education on this subject.

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